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Jan 25

Pelosi Hates Trump More Than She Loves America

Spkr. Pelosi has, very deliberately, put American families at risk. Knife and machete attacks by MS-13 gangs, illegal alien thugs, child abuse and human trafficking by the sex trade plus death and destruction via drugs smuggled across the border represent some of the risks she has been willing to take just to “Stick it to …

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Jan 20

Pelosi Was a Madam, Schumer a Pimp New Report Reveals

A new “Backgrounder” about Spkr. Pelosi and Minority Ldr. Schumer claims they both worked actively in the sex trade before going on the taxpayer’s payroll as elected officials. The report actually states that some of the skills they now use as Leaders in Washington were learned in the sex trade. If this unsourced story proves …

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Nov 04

Rescuing Real Reporters

The news media today has been horribly corrupted. Real reporters, who have retained their integrity, need to be rescued by thoughtful readers, viewers and listeners. It is a numbers business and if Americans give the numbers to ethical professionals, honesty will rise to the top. Sleaze will sink when news consumers demand honest, fact based …

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Sep 06

Did The New York Times Lie? (Again)

Ethics Observations by: Short answer-“Yes” Second question-“Does that surprise anyone?” Answer-“Not many” Detail-The Questions I submitted to the Times at their Editor’s invitation which will never grace their pages… Does anyone at The New York Times consider that the visible decay in journalism ethics is causing the rise in public distrust of the news …

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Sep 04

Dumb Dem Damage

Both political parties have some stupid elected officials but the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing this morning demonstrated a shocking universality to dumb, rude, and crude behavior by every Democrat Committee Member. They did it on National Television for everyone to see and hear. Senator Schumer (who orchestrated it and Pelosi who, no doubt, contributed content) probably …

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Sep 03

Mysteries of the Media

While having the increasingly monolithic media try to trick us with Fake News is frustrating, it is not the greatest danger they pose to our free society. Most of their Fake News stories are so phony, twisted and predictable; they are obvious to viewers, listeners and readers. The far greater threat from the Elite Media …

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Aug 21

New D.C. Law Firm

These folks belong together: Baker, Brand, Campbell, Carlin, Clinton*, Cohen, Comey, Holder, Laufman, Lynch, McCabe, McCord, Mueller, Ohr, Priestup, Rybinki and Yates CCL (Corrupt Crony Lawyers) *Hillary only because Bill has already been disbarred Note: Shamefully, these folks have been in leadership roles at the FBI and DOJ. Of course Hillary is an exception because …

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Aug 16

Medicine and Media-“First Do No Harm”

If it was not so sad, the news media’s new attempt to confront Pres. Trump for daring to challenge them in public would be funny. If the role of the news media was not so vital for freedom, elective government, public integrity and restraining the powerful, we could dismiss this attempt to monopolize the message …

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Jul 25

Does Either Equal Both?

In a recent report we acknowledged that no credible firm proof yet exists that Mueller is part of the Elite’s Deep State. In America, suspicion is not the same as proof. Because their roles are quite different, Rosenstein, who chose Muller in response to a scheme implemented by Comey, should not be shrouded in secrecy …

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Jul 19

Evil and Idiots

Trump Should: Arrange for someone with a strong Defense/Foreign policy credential and a reputation for straight talk (Like Defense Scty. Mattis but pick someone not in the administration now) to make the following statement… “Sadly we have some evil people in America who are willing to destroy America just in hopes of damaging President Trump. …

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