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Jun 21

Huge to Zip

It went from “The most important Congressional election in the history of mankind” to “Yawn, who cares” in less than 24 hours! According to NBC, CBS, ABC, the New York Times, Washington Post and CNN yesterday, Georgia’s 6th District election was huge. Same race but not the outcome they wanted so today it doesn’t matter. …

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Apr 23

Speak Public Language

Q-“Are the people who speak for Trump doing any better?” Trump’s Budget Director, Mick Mulvaney, did really well with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday today, 4/23/17. Here at WE RECOMMEND… Those who speak for Trump should always include reference to his efforts to get the politics out of our government agencies like IRS, …

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Apr 05

Smart About This Dumb About That

Q-“How can Senator McConnell be regarded as a brilliant legislative strategist and then do something as stupid as he did yesterday?” You are undoubtedly referring about the Majority Leader’s stupid statement about about “Payback for the Democrats” with the rule change to confirm Judge Gorsuch for the Supreme Court to avoid the Democrat’s filibuster threat. …

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Apr 03

The Senator Lies

Q-“What is the back story and solution to the fight to confirm Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch?” Senate Minority Leader, Democrat Chuck Schumer, is well known for “Grandstanding”, hogging any TV camera in the room and for lying. He has stated from the very beginning that his fellow Democrats would filibuster the Gorsuch nomination. Majority Leader, …

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Mar 15

McCain Two

Q-Sen. John McCain sounds increasingly angry and bitter. What is his problem? Any military man held captive and tortured for years like he was can develop problems later in life. One of our real heroes as a young man, McCain has become bitter, cranky, belligerent and highly resentful of others (Like Trump) as a senior …

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Mar 02

America’s Capital Partners

Q-Does Jude Williams, President of real estate firm ACP, always run scared from the “Security concerns” caused by political demonstrators at their properties? We don’t know for sure because it is just starting but it certainly appears so. If he will break a lease with a United States Senator (Marco Rubio) no tenant is safe …

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Dec 15

Smile of the Shark

If truthful answers under oath are not forthcoming from CIA Director Brennan by COB tomorrow, Dec. 16, 2016, he should immediately be held in contempt of Congress. If Obama’s DOJ won’t arrest and charge him, the Trump Administration should. Two hours after the inauguration is one hour too long to wait. If it can be …

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Nov 25

Trump’s First Fix (True, New Reports)*

Pres. Elect Trump needs some damage control re: Hillary Clinton. It is fine for him to say “he won’t prosecute her” but he must also give the rest of the story. Specifically, he should say… “This will not be a political decision when I am President. Politics has been a big part of the problem. …

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Nov 09

Trump Has Grace, Grit & Guts To Get It Done

President Elect Donald Trump spoke with grace in the wee hours following his election. The Elites, their Establishment minions, including the mainstream media are hilariously apoplectic Trump has a shot for even more victories going forward. He will get questions… About the possible criminal behavior of his opponent, her husband and others in their organization …

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Oct 29

Worst Case Scenario For You

What is the worst thing that will happen to you if Clinton wins? Get ready for… -Economy gets worse for you, better for the Elites -Violent crime worsens, self defense is limited to Elites with bodyguards -Borders are open to everyone -Discrimination increases, “Deplorables” and Conservatives are targets -Threats abroad increase, China, Russia and Iran …

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