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Aug 19

White Nationalists-Black Lives Matter et al

White Nationalists-Black Lives Matter et al Editor’s Note: There are very few White Nationalists. No matter-not one of them or any other white racist for that matter has ever made it onto the lineup for an NBA team. Not even close because they just don’t have what it takes. They can’t compete at that level. …

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Aug 14

One Statesman Standing

Our Founding Fathers were, in the final analysis, Statesmen. Most were rough and tumble politicians as well but they would not consciously harm our fragile new nation for selfish political gain. Their “Red Line” was real and enforced to block political greed. Politics was a temporary public service and citizen’s duty when called upon to …

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Jul 14

Rosenstein’s Weasel’s Words

Lawyers, politicians, reporters and others seeking CYA when speaking publically use weasel words. Lawyers who are also politicians are even worse about weasel words as evidenced by Deputy AG, Rob Rosenstein, at his news conference on Friday. With weasel words noted, he said… “People who speculate about federal investigations USUALLY* do not know all of …

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May 02

Fair Play with Trump, Mueller and Rosenstein

Solution by: Absent any evidence of a serious crime, the stilted rules of a prosecutor’s interrogation are inappropriate for a proceeding with the President of the United States. Right now, the same is true of Mueller and Rosenstein though for different reasons. Instead, Cong. Trey Gowdy, a staunch defender of Trump, Muller and Rosenstein, …

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Mar 22

Good Gun or Evil?


  Observation by:   Is the gun in this picture “Good” or “Evil”? It is a black, high capacity weapon not designed for hunting. It was built in West Germany. It has been modified with a very accurate custom fitted barrel and a special trigger. It will shoot 2” groups at ¼ the length …

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Feb 17

Pens, Pencils, Bullets and School Safety

Truth Told by: Once again the fundamental, tragic truth is writ in the blood of the innocent. Evil, equipped with bullets and the means to fire them, slaughtered those who had only pens and pencils to use for defense. Facts: Guns will always be with us-far too many believe in the right to self-defense …

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Nov 11

Blue Flu and NFL Green

Recommendation by: NFL players, team owners, their League and the politicians they control have been disrespecting those whose uniforms have no shoulder pads. Cops, other First Responders and our entire military, past and present, are very deliberately being disrespected by these super-privileged, multi-millionaire Elites. Americans who care will respond with a special day of …

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Nov 01


New York Governor and his Mayor claimed: “We will protect you!” as eight lay dead because political law they support kept citizens from stopping a terror attack in its tracks with immediate self-defense. Think About It by: The sales pitch that “Self-defense is old fashioned and only government can protect us” has been around …

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Oct 17

Ignore McCain

Recommendation from: With all due respect to his military service, Sen. John McCain has transitioned from “Character” to “Caricature”. Pres. Trump should treat him accordingly. The President, his program and his relationships with the other 99 Members of the Senate will best be served by ignoring Sen. McCain. Completely. Totally. As they say in …

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Oct 17

NFL Solution

New Advisory by: Athletes “Take a knee” to pray or to listen to Coach. Those who “Take a knee” while we are honoring our Nation’s Fallen and our Flag have been suckered by the Radical Left and corrupt news media into believing that America’s cops are deliberately murdering unarmed Black men. These players are …

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