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Sep 02

FBI Corruption

Commentary by: and The FBI has been corrupted to the core by “Deep State” political operatives held over from the Obama Administration. News from Senate investigators that former FBI director, James Comey, began working on Clinton’s escape from the law and his “Whitewash” project long before the FBI got to the heart of …

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Jul 21

Mueller’s Closet Monster

Prediction By: Professional credibility of process is far more important to Special Counsel Bob Mueller than the final outcome of his investigation. If the process is unfair or flawed in any significant way, the conclusions will, with justification, be rejected. Doubt is the demon that lurks in Mueller’s closet and the time to destroy …

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Jun 25

Healthcare Politics-Less Is Best

Next week’s vote on Healthcare will be based on personal political considerations as individually perceived by 100 Senators. What if it were not so? Obamacare was a 100% political program that has put the health of millions at great risk. Obama’s cynical, political approach failed 100%. What if our Senators, GOP and DEMS alike, were …

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Jun 03

Sheep to Slaughter

The second terror tragedy in England in a matter of weeks reminds us of how fortunate we are to have a Constitution that protects our right to defend ourselves, loved ones and even strangers who are attacked. The Brits have no such right. In fact many of their cops go into the dark and dangerous …

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May 10 Comey Plans Presidential Run, Trump Learned

Q-“What is the real story about Comey and is he running for President?” Short Answer-He is not the first victim of “Egomania” in Washington and he won’t be the last. His ego did get bigger than Obama’s and Trump’s combined. He has gone beyond rational. Political Prophet Prediction-Jim Comey plans to oppose Pres. Trump in …

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Apr 14

Pencil Neck SOB

Q-“Why doesn’t Pres. Trump just send a hit man to rid the world of that Pencil Neck SOB Assad before he kills more babies?” Because the President of the United States does not target heads of state with hit men as it could seriously damage the world order. The “Pencil Neck SOB” just isn’t worth …

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Feb 16

Mole Monsters

Q-Is the biggest threat to us Russia, China, Iran, North Korea or “Thieves of Islam” Terrorists? None of the above! Obama Political Hacks infected our Intelligence Agencies with moles. Criminal behavior like leaks and Fake News stories are being used by these moles to attack the officials we elected to lead our government.  Funded by …

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Feb 05

Need To Know

Q-Is Fox News “In the tank” for Trump and the GOP? If you saw what the make-up and lighting folks at Fox News Sunday did to Vice President Pence’s promo on 2/5/17 you wouldn’t be asking the question. Space doesn’t allow a complete run-down but a few of your editor’s personal observations are as follows… …

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Jan 20

Inauguration Impressions

Today, far away from America, the army of one country is marching into a neighboring country to force a President who lost an election to give up his power, to leave office and to make way for the new, duly elected President. Never forget the blessings of a peaceful transfer of power. It is the …

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Jan 16

Brennan’s Basement

Q-At the same time CIA Director John Brennan served as a political operative in Obama’s 2008 Presidential campaign he also operated a private intelligence business. Did he ever do any “Opposition Research” for Obama? Is he known as a “Leaker” of secret info by the Washington Press Corps? We may never know for sure. Public …

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