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Mar 27

Elite Skin Color

Like all of us, Elites come in all colors, shades and sexual orientation. Actor Jussie Smollett is a gay, black young American man who is an Elite living in a swanky building in Chicago. He has personal trainers and nutritionists whom he occasionally employees as actors. As a true Elite, he willingly sacrifices and hurts …

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Mar 13

Manafort’s Message

Editor’s Note: Thankfully I’ve never met the man but believe I’ve seen others just like him. They see politics not as a path to serve others but as a self-aggrandizing pathway to wealth and fame at the expense of those they pretend to serve. We can only hope that those who are tempted to follow …

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Feb 25

Elite Skin In The Game

Super-rich Elites like Pelosi, Schumer, most members of Congress, Bloomberg and Soros have their own walls and bodyguards with guns. Walls and other barriers to protect ordinary Americans just aren’t important for Elites. They don’t care if the “Common People” get raped and killed by thugs and gang members. Evil arrives as some of the …

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Jan 31

FBI-DOJ Cowards

Editor’s Note: The FBI-DOJ leaders who approved the ridiculous show or force used to arrest Roger Stone lacked the courage to refuse the order or to resign in protest. Please note four things before you pass judgement on that statement… I have friends and family in Law Enforcement (Including the FBI) I served as the …

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Oct 12

Racism Today

It began with slavery, included lynching, Jim Crow, segregation and lots of other truly despicable assaults against humanity. Racism can never be accurately described as “Mild” but both severity (i.e.: compared to lynching for example) and incidence have thankfully declined. The hopeful can actually see “light at the end of the tunnel” where racism will …

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Sep 28

Playing Without Rules

Why are Dems so much better at the political game than R’s? It was the question I asked myself while a political hack, desperate for re-election named Feinstein, was kneecapping Chairman Grassley on national TV. This is not my first rodeo. I began in professional politics in 1964 with a GOP State Committee position. Lots …

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Sep 18

Hard Questions For Dr. Ford

Dr. Ford, as Judge Kavanaugh’s accuser, must fully answer Judiciary Committee questions regarding all contact she, or anyone assisting her, had with political operatives regarding her accusations. If Dr. Ford has communicated with political professionals at any point during this process they must be identified and she must be subjected to rigorous questioning by the …

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Sep 05

How Bad Is It and Will It Ever End?

Your editor’s professional political career began with a State GOP Committee in 1964. It has included consultant duties for two GOP Presidents. I have seen some stuff! I have never seen anything like the Kavanaugh hearings. Yesterday morning this editor wrote about the behavior of almost half of the Senate’s Judiciary Committee at the hearing …

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Sep 04

Dumb Dem Damage

Both political parties have some stupid elected officials but the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing this morning demonstrated a shocking universality to dumb, rude, and crude behavior by every Democrat Committee Member. They did it on National Television for everyone to see and hear. Senator Schumer (who orchestrated it and Pelosi who, no doubt, contributed content) probably …

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Aug 23

Constitutional Crises Coming Quickly

The coup attempt involving teams of political operatives from Obama’s “Deep State” is starting to surface from exposure in the sunshine. Frightening efforts by U.S. Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies… To beat Trump in the 2016 election To de-legitimize him as President-Elect then as President To block his efforts to “drain the Swamp” and return …

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