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Mar 14

Rush, the Pill and the Silver Lining

The race to determine which Nationally Known Personality can climb Mt. Stupid all the way to the very top is over. Fittingly, the unquestioned victor is named Rush. There is no excuse for a professional wordsmith to use the crude, accusatory language talk show host Rush Limbaugh recently spewed on air about a young woman. …

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Mar 09

Iran, Israel, America and the Bomb

Israel is a nation that has survived because of their exceptional understanding of American politics. The people of Israel are now directly threatened by the possibility that President Obama may get re-elected. They understand him to be a man totally obsessed with political self-interest and they recognize that Obama’s second term plans to remake America …

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Mar 12


When predators hunt they look for signs of weakness in their prey. Big cats carefully observe the herd in search of the straggler, the sick or wounded and the very young because they are the easiest to catch and kill. On the world stage political predators operate in a very similar manner. National leaders and …

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