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May 09 Stop Russian Election Tricks

Q-“What is the brain trust telling Pres. Trump about stopping Russian Election meddling here and elsewhere?” This particular objective is different from many because Putin will have to be forced to abandon one of his favorite attempts to disrupt democracies. The size of the carrot required to move him would be far too large to …

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May 01

Hating Money

Q-“Dems want those who have less to hate those who have more. Is that what the tax cut debate will be about?” Not if Trump’s spokesfolks are smart. The truth is that our tax code should care less about who has a lot and who has only a little. Tax policy must be about using …

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Apr 08

TrumpTrue Tip for Tillerson

Q-“What is your impression of Pres. Trump’s Secretary of State?” He is a very smart, internationally experienced man who is well respected for his accomplishments. I do not know him personally but based on his acceptance of the position, I strongly suspect that he is a true patriot who is dedicated to serving America. For …

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Feb 15

Trump Test

Q-If there really is a “Split” in the White House Staff regarding Flynn’s departure, how can Trump sort it out? Simple. Here is the deal… 1)Any staffer who believes it was OK for Flynn to deceive the Vice-President must be removed immediately. Integrity trumps intelligence. 2)Any staffer who excuses a Flynn memory lapse of this …

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Feb 14

Back to True

Fresh air is blowing through Washington again! With Obama gone and Trump in office, truth has value. “ISIS is JV”, “We are keeping you safe” and you can keep your Doctor” are out and truth telling is in. A retired General is now gone because he spoke less than the truth. It is a good …

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Jan 07

Trump True

Q-What should Trump be saying about the intelligence report and the Russians? We Recommend: Trump should say his concerns about the intelligence reports were based on the politicization of some of the Intelligence Agencies at the very top level in recent years. Director Brennan at the CIA is highly suspect in this regard. Politics simply …

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Jan 02

Intelligence Briefing Accountability

Q-Will Trump get a true report this week from the Obama Intelligence Leaders about Russian hacking or will they try to give him a political cover-up?   One of the worst tragedies of the Obama years is his politicization of Departments and Agencies (i.e. Defense, IRS and many others) that should be “above politics”. Unfortunately, …

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Dec 29

Trump Appointee Integrity

Q-How will Pres. Trump keep super powerful appointees (Like Carl Icahn, Rex Tillerson etc.) honest? Thoughtful question! This Editor remembers well when Spiro Agnew, was picked to be Vice President and he turned out to be a crook. How embarrassing! Trump has enough challenges without having corruption in his inner circle. The facts he has …

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Dec 28

Obama-Lies/Kerry Edition

BPforBP* Q-Kerry’s speech about Israel sounded like the kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Don’t any of Obama’s spokesmen tell the truth? Nope! That is the short answer to your very observant question. The real substance of what Obama does and why he does it is so horrific it would disgust about …

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Dec 27

Bullet Points for Busy People

Q-Pres. Obama claims he would have beat Pres. Elect Trump-what do you think? The number of variables in politics is virtually  infinite so pretending to answer a hypothetical with precision is phony. That is why someone like Obama can make that claim knowing there will be no real proof that he is wrong. “Fake News” …

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