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May 31

Across the Table

Trump Should… At the appropriate time, allow John Bolton to observe that when Pres. Trump and Scty. Of State Pompeo sit down with the leaders of North Korea, China and Russia it is an experience none of us would relish. The guys across the table have personally ordered horrible tortures we can’t even imagine. These …

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Oct 17

Ignore McCain

Recommendation from: With all due respect to his military service, Sen. John McCain has transitioned from “Character” to “Caricature”. Pres. Trump should treat him accordingly. The President, his program and his relationships with the other 99 Members of the Senate will best be served by ignoring Sen. McCain. Completely. Totally. As they say in …

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Jun 22

Defense Won’t Work for Trump

In politics, offense often works, defense often fails and the best defense is usually an offense. Pres. Trump’s “Counterpunch” skills won both the nomination and the election for him. He has not, however, been able to get Congressional Republicans to grasp the concept. More precisely, they have refused to protect themselves or America’s Presidency for …

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Jun 16

Purse Power

The “Mysteries” of political power often elude GOP officials. At we explain them frequently. Two dozen GOP Congressmen were at baseball practice but not one had a gun. It was ridiculous and we said so in a previous column. Their explanation was “restrictive D.C. gun laws.” These are the same GOP Members who control …

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Jun 08

Comey’s Campaign

Comey’s Campaign Per: Politicians, especially Senators in today’s hearing, and reporters who have any interest in truth will completely fail to understand the Comey testimony if they can’t grasp that he is campaigning for the Dem nomination for President in 2020. Comey can’t stand the thought of being forced out of the spotlight and …

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Jun 04

CYA per Paris “Cover Your A__” is what politicians do. The Obama government was the slickest team of political operatives ever assembled. Their policy was always “Politics first-American interests irrelevant” and Pres. Trump is busy trying to undo the damage. Very few of the folks in this new White House meet the criteria for “Political Professional” and …

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May 29

Job for Joe

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) has a job to do because his fellow Democrats are so obsessed with destroying President Trump they have lost legitimacy. For example, Chuck Schumer doesn’t even suspect collusion between Trump and Russia but regardless of damage to the Nation, he will claim something sinister exists as long as the Fake media …

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May 15

TellTrump: Pick Wisely

Q-“Who can ‘Fly’ as Trump’s pick to head the FBI?” Short Answer-Saint Peter with the Gates of Heaven by a 51 to 49 vote. Our Analysis-Dems love the blood! No one will escape attack so he shouldn’t try to appease them. His real worry for this appointment will be publicity hungry GOP Senators whose votes …

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May 11 Comey’s Team

Q-“Who would support Comey’s Presidential bid?” A-They will come out of the woodwork like termites. Very soon. Dems have a really thin bench of potential candidates for 2020. A tall, handsome, articulate guy who plays the national news media like a banjo has real potential. Regardless of the truth of the matter, a built- in …

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May 10 Comey Plans Presidential Run, Trump Learned

Q-“What is the real story about Comey and is he running for President?” Short Answer-He is not the first victim of “Egomania” in Washington and he won’t be the last. His ego did get bigger than Obama’s and Trump’s combined. He has gone beyond rational. Political Prophet Prediction-Jim Comey plans to oppose Pres. Trump in …

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