Mar 14

Rush, the Pill and the Silver Lining

The race to determine which Nationally Known Personality can climb Mt. Stupid all the way to the very top is over. Fittingly, the unquestioned victor is named Rush.

There is no excuse for a professional wordsmith to use the crude, accusatory language talk show host Rush Limbaugh recently spewed on air about a young woman. Similar crude descriptions of a young man or anyone for that matter would be equally inexcusable. While we won’t question the sincerity of Limbaugh’s apology, we will note that his incompetent behavior as a supposed professional should call into question his political viability for any role other than casting a single vote in elections. Whatever others have thought of him and regardless of what skills or knowledge he may have claimed, it is clear that he is no political thinker, leader or spokesman. If  anyone other than those hostile to the ideals of the Republican Party ever claimed that he was a leader, Rush disproved that theory in front of a national audience in one day. Again.

Limbaugh has never managed a significant political campaign so any understanding he claims about the process is strictly second hand. It is also clear that even one of the fundamentals of political decision-making, common sense, is not a consistent companion of Mr. Limbaugh’s. Equating the use of contraception with illegal sexual activity is, understandably, offensive to virtually every woman in America as well as to the men who love them. Utterances that any thinking person would know in advance are fundamentally offensive to each and every voter would not be made by anyone attempting to exert a positive influence on voter behavior. Rush Limbaugh set Republicans in general and conservatives in particular back to a defensive posture just when we were successfully mobilizing a major constituency and Obama’s arrogance had created a real challenge for his campaign. Limbaugh has every right to shoot himself in the foot but he should do so in ways that do not wound those he calls his friends.


We Predict: Rush Limbaugh will eventually recover as a radio personality but any credibility he may have mistakenly had as a political strategist, tactician or spokesman will remain long gone. Good riddance-common sense conservatism from reliable sources should now be the focus.