Mar 12


When predators hunt they look for signs of weakness in their prey. Big cats carefully observe the herd in search of the straggler, the sick or wounded and the very young because they are the easiest to catch and kill.

On the world stage political predators operate in a very similar manner. National leaders and their staffs watch and test for weakness among advisories and allies. In fact a substantial portion of the activities we call “spying” are devoted to information gathering and analysis for those very purposes.

It is no secret that any perception of weakness in the President of the United States has a profound impact on the behavior of both our enemies and our allies. Our enemies tend to become emboldened in ways that can threaten peace and our allies tend to retreat from their commitments to us so peace can be threatened in that way as well.

Historians know Presidential reluctance to admit error has more to do with the bad consequences of confirming mistakes than it does with Chief Executive ego. Wiggle room is a highly desirable commodity in international relations and perception of weakness can be as fatal to diplomacy as it is to prey animals.

In the big scheme of things, the mistakes made by President Obama thus far are relatively minor but they are forming a pattern that shows serious weakness. It is a weakness which may be interpreted by our friends and our enemies as indicative of a flaw they can use to their own advantage.

We know about the appointment exceptions made for lobbyists and tax dodgers that culminated with the withdrawal of Senator Daschle who was both a lobbyist and a tax dodger.

When control over the drafting of the stimulus bill was surrendered to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, it was another indication of Presidential weakness.

When he was duped by the impeached former Governor of Illinois people were amazed that the leader of the free world was so easily manipulated by a petty crook standing on the precipice of an incitement. American Presidents are supposed to be strong and firm but Blagojevich makes him look weak.

President Obama made an amateurish mistake with his handling of the budget and yet another with the letter he sent to the Russians.

He just signed a spending bill which was loaded with pork barrel spending and almost 9,000 earmark projects which he pledged not to do.

All of these errors share a common thread. It is painfully obvious that President Obama is yielding to old style political demands when the country is expecting real leadership.

First term Presidents never get too far away from their political tool kit but as a candidate, Senator Obama was uniquely successful with his pledge to eliminate “Business as usual” once elected. He forged a special bond of trust with a huge number of voters who saw him as a genuine agent of “Change we can believe in.”

We Predict: President Obama will continue retreating from that pledge by giving in to old style Chicago politics.  “Business as usual” is now seen as a serious weakness in President Obama because of the voter backlash it will inevitably generate. That backlash will ultimately render the Obama Presidency impotent.

The predators of the world are already beginning to evaluate their options.