Mar 09

Iran, Israel, America and the Bomb

Israel is a nation that has survived because of their exceptional understanding of American politics. The people of Israel are now directly threatened by the possibility that President Obama may get re-elected. They understand him to be a man totally obsessed with political self-interest and they recognize that Obama’s second term plans to remake America depend on his ability to crush dissent from any source. Anti-war activists are high on his “Do not offend” list for his second term. Israeli leaders know they cannot rely on Obama’s word or handshake. He will not give them meaningful written assurance that “America will have your (Israel’s) back” for even one day past the election. No knowledgeable person expects the current leaders of Iran to abandon their nuclear ambitions as a result of oral or written attempts at persuasion. They also study the variances between Obama’s words and his deeds so they do not fear his threats. Once again the very survival of the Jewish people is at stake and their homeland is at risk. Sadly, knowledge about Obama’s shortcomings by both friend and foe takes us dramatically closer to an armed conflict that could engulf the world.


We Predict: Israeli leadership is in the final stages of concluding that they must strike Iran’s nuclear facilities before the November election to be reasonably certain that they can force Obama to either back them or to greatly diminish his re-election chances and his position as a world leader. A dramatic failure to “keep his word” to such a close ally would destroy any future role for Obama in world affairs. America’s allies would leave us.


We Predict: Republican Congressional leaders will, on behalf of the Nation, attempt to counter-balance the risk we now face because of Obama but will be blocked in the Senate. Even if they were able to pass a strong resolution or authorization, it would probably not deter Iran and it would give Obama another stick to use against the GOP to motivate his liberal base.