Jun 22

Defense Won’t Work for Trump

In politics, offense often works, defense often fails and the best defense is usually an offense.

Pres. Trump’s “Counterpunch” skills won both the nomination and the election for him. He has not, however, been able to get Congressional Republicans to grasp the concept. More precisely, they have refused to protect themselves or America’s Presidency for fear of offending Elites who finance campaigns and careers for retired Members of Congress.

Dems, with aggressive support from corrupt elements in the news media, are now winning hearts and minds at GOP expense. Trump knows that slow counterpunchers don’t last long. It is time for the President and the GOP to use offense to defend and to move their agenda forward. Without both, public opinion could be lost.

Their first step should be to yank security clearances from snakes like John Brennan, leakers like Comey and crooks like Clinton. They have sacrificed American interests to serve their political ambitions and there are many others whose records should also cause them to lose access to any classified info.

The second step should be Congressional hearings that subpoena liars to testify under oath and require document production.

Report by: thepoliticalprophet.com and Editor@TellTrump.org