Jun 04

CYA per Paris


“Cover Your A__” is what politicians do. The Obama government was the slickest team of political operatives ever assembled. Their policy was always “Politics first-American interests irrelevant” and Pres. Trump is busy trying to undo the damage.

Very few of the folks in this new White House meet the criteria for “Political Professional” and often their communications reflect that stark change from the Obama Pros. With substance, however, they are on target.

The “Paris Climate Accords” is CYA for politicians who lie about really important stuff. It will never protect the environment. It is the cloak of concealment, the cotton candy of substance and the deadly deception only Obama-grade politicians could create.

It does promise a few very definite outcomes…

  • American tax dollars in the billions will be spent subsidizing big polluters like China who will take our money and our jobs
  • Those who pay the tax dollars will get reduced economic growth and fewer job/business opportunities.

The Paris deal is perfect-for the radical left who dream of ruling a one world government along with the “Peons” in it. For Americans who work or are retired it would be a disaster. For our youth and future generations it would be even worse. Politicians and media members, who are saying otherwise, know better but the lie serves an objective they will not admit to anyone outside of their Elite group. Ask ‘em!