Jun 08

Comey’s Campaign

Comey’s Campaign

Per: Editor@TellTrump.org

Politicians, especially Senators in today’s hearing, and reporters who have any interest in truth will completely fail to understand the Comey testimony if they can’t grasp that he is campaigning for the Dem nomination for President in 2020.

Comey can’t stand the thought of being forced out of the spotlight and away from the TV cameras. For years Comey has believed that he is intellectually and morally superior to anyone else, including Clinton. As any real pro knows, he “Has the bug”! His political goals today are…

  • Damage Trump with claims that win favor with the Radical Left
  • Damage Clinton enough to sideline her but gently enough to win support from Bill’s backers who see no future with Hillary
  • Avoid criticism of Obama to win his early political support
  • Showcase the superiority of his skills compared to Sen. Warren
  • Avoid bringing premature closure to his conflict with Trump so he can “milk” the news coverage as long as possible.

Those who refuse to evaluate Comey’s performance today with these very specific goals in mind are blind to political reality and to the well known Comey persona.