May 31

Across the Table

Trump Should…

At the appropriate time, allow John Bolton to observe that when Pres. Trump and Scty. Of State Pompeo sit down with the leaders of North Korea, China and Russia it is an experience none of us would relish.

The guys across the table have personally ordered horrible tortures we can’t even imagine. These same guys have been ordering individual and multiple murders for decades. They each have incredible blood stains on their hands. The blood red of their deeds may be washed off for the meeting but the stain of evil remains just below the surface. The cold look of a killer is deep in their eyes even when their faces present the smile of the tiger.

The duties we’ve given to Trump and Pompeo require them to sit across the table from these killers. At times they have to share a meal with guys who have imprisoned and tortured people whose only “crime” was opposition to their bloody roadblock to the freedoms we enjoy in the U.S. without thinking.

To better protect Americans, our leaders must deal with this human scum and “make nice” while they meet to negotiate. They have to shake those blood stained hands to get the protections we need.

Who among us would be willing to just be in a room with men who do such evil? If Trump and Pompeo succeed in keeping nukes out of North Korea, stopping theft of our technology by China or halting the expansion of Russia, they can pray for the souls of evil-doers, take long hot showers and accept our thanks for a job done well.

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