May 15

TellTrump: Pick Wisely

Q-“Who can ‘Fly’ as Trump’s pick to head the FBI?”

Short Answer-Saint Peter with the Gates of Heaven by a 51 to 49 vote.

Our Analysis-Dems love the blood! No one will escape attack so he shouldn’t try to appease them. His real worry for this appointment will be publicity hungry GOP Senators whose votes must confirm the pick. By tying confirmation to the appointment of a special prosecutor, Dems hope to pick up enough Republicans to delay or even to completely block the appointment of the new Director.

Recommendation From:

Sir, please pick someone with FBI Special Agent experience. This organization is unique even among Law Enforcement Agencies. Judges and the Acting Director are too political for the job. Recommendations from the Association of Former Agents should be seriously considered.

Comey’s problems began many years ago when he succumbed to his huge ego. It grew exponentially to where he began to see his own face in the Presidential mirror. Above all other credentials, this pick absolutely must have the integrity to resist the siren call of political self-interest. The American people, the FBI and its employees deserve an appointee who is not a Judge or any other current public official. Considering Obama’s obsession with politics, anyone he appointed to any government position should be eliminated from consideration.

As we have learned, however, Trump often chooses to counter-punch. In this situation, he might just decide to grant Schumer and the rest of the Dems their wish for a new investigation. He could call for an inquiry that would encompass…

  • Russian efforts to “Fix” our elections and all aspects thereof.
  • Similar efforts by the Clinton Foundation along with a fresh evaluation of the Comey/DOJ “Email investigation”.
  • An “Under oath” comprehensive inquiry into the forced politicalization of America’s Intelligence Agencies by leaders all of whom were political operatives in Obama’s Campaign.
  • Obama’s creation of a “Shadow Government” by putting his political operatives into public agencies at taxpayer expense.

While we did not favor his background for the FBI position, Cong. Trey Gowdy would be perfect to head this combined investigation. Anyone who thinks he wouldn’t be “Independent” has never seen a hog on ice.