Mar 13

Manafort’s Message

Editor’s Note: Thankfully I’ve never met the man but believe I’ve seen others just like him. They see politics not as a path to serve others but as a self-aggrandizing pathway to wealth and fame at the expense of those they pretend to serve. We can only hope that those who are tempted to follow …

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Mar 08

Pelosi Powerless Against AOC

Yesterday’s House vote was a precise measurement of just how much control AOC now has over the once omnipotent Speaker. In defense of her fellow freshman, Cong. Ilhan Omar, forced Pelosi to gut then water down the Resolution originally intended to chastise Omar for her pointed anti-semantic remarks. Omar, a Muslim, aggressively supports the Palestinian …

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Feb 25

Elite Skin In The Game

Super-rich Elites like Pelosi, Schumer, most members of Congress, Bloomberg and Soros have their own walls and bodyguards with guns. Walls and other barriers to protect ordinary Americans just aren’t important for Elites. They don’t care if the “Common People” get raped and killed by thugs and gang members. Evil arrives as some of the …

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Feb 20

Smollett and Trump Should…

Trump Should 2-20-2019 If actor Jussie Smollett pulled a national Law Enforcement scam to get publicity for his career using anti-Trump hate speech and Fake News, he must be made accountable to the full extent of the law. The Feds can deal with any mail fraud issues but state or local officials will likely handle …

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Feb 16

Political Prophet Prediction Re: Pelosi

Defeat Opponents In Sports and Politics Destroy Enemies In Assault and War Spkr. Pelosi continues to confuse these two concepts that have been understood by American Patriots since the beginning of our nation. Any outcome other than the complete destruction of Pres. Trump is unacceptable to her. She has led today’s Democratic Party into a …

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Jan 31

FBI-DOJ Cowards

Editor’s Note: The FBI-DOJ leaders who approved the ridiculous show or force used to arrest Roger Stone lacked the courage to refuse the order or to resign in protest. Please note four things before you pass judgement on that statement… I have friends and family in Law Enforcement (Including the FBI) I served as the …

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Jan 25

Pelosi Hates Trump More Than She Loves America

Spkr. Pelosi has, very deliberately, put American families at risk. Knife and machete attacks by MS-13 gangs, illegal alien thugs, child abuse and human trafficking by the sex trade plus death and destruction via drugs smuggled across the border represent some of the risks she has been willing to take just to “Stick it to …

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Jan 21

Pelosi/Schumer Follow Up 1-21-2019

1-21-2019 Editor’s Note: Yesterday we published* a brief “Tongue-In-Cheek” piece from to parody just how radical the corrupt Elite Media has become regarding all things Trump. Judging from the reaction, it was close enough to what people are exposed to today as “Real Reporting” that it struck a responsive chord. Surely the piece was …

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Jan 20

Pelosi Was a Madam, Schumer a Pimp New Report Reveals

A new “Backgrounder” about Spkr. Pelosi and Minority Ldr. Schumer claims they both worked actively in the sex trade before going on the taxpayer’s payroll as elected officials. The report actually states that some of the skills they now use as Leaders in Washington were learned in the sex trade. If this unsourced story proves …

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Jan 17

Is Pelosi Dangerous?

Speaker Pelosi is mean as a snake. She is a continuous liar who has never spoken a truthful patriotic word or taken a step to help America. At the very moment when we desperately need common sense to override hyper-politics, Pelosi is a one-trick-pony whose only interest is partisanship. It is all she knows and …

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