Jul 19

Evil and Idiots

Trump Should: Arrange for someone with a strong Defense/Foreign policy credential and a reputation for straight talk (Like Defense Scty. Mattis but pick someone not in the administration now) to make the following statement… “Sadly we have some evil people in America who are willing to destroy America just in hopes of damaging President Trump. …

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Jul 18

Trump’s Obama Response

Trump Should: Have V.P. Mike Pence issue the following statement… As an American, I am saddened and disappointed that former President Obama chose to generate publicity for his paid speech abroad by attacking the integrity of President Trump. This “below the belt” personal attack was not a very fitting observation of a memorial for, in …

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Jul 16

Putin, Judo, Ankle Tape and Clinton Collusion

EDITOR’S NOTE: Despite the word “New” in the title, the column below was published on Nov. 5, 2017. We republish it today because it is relevant and enlightening for this morning’s joint appearance by Trump and Putin. In the context of Putin’s use of Judo, it is well worth noting that, during the news conference, …

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Jul 15

Trump vs. Putin Outcome

The Prediction… With vast military, economic and political superiority, Trump will flatten Putin at the summit next week but will allow him to survive. “Better the devil you know” etc. It is highly probable that the world outside the inner circles of the two leaders will have to wait awhile to judge final terms. As …

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Jul 14

Rosenstein’s Weasel’s Words

Lawyers, politicians, reporters and others seeking CYA when speaking publically use weasel words. Lawyers who are also politicians are even worse about weasel words as evidenced by Deputy AG, Rob Rosenstein, at his news conference on Friday. With weasel words noted, he said… “People who speculate about federal investigations USUALLY* do not know all of …

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Jul 11

Trump Should…

treat NATO like the Elites they are. Then he should use his dealings with them as an example to show the public and the media how he works. Trump is already on record with “The Art of the Deal” secrets which shallow thinkers like Shepard Smith would do well to study. It would keep him …

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Jul 09

What Happened to John?

Senator John McCain was a patriot who served, was tortured as a prisoner of the communists and served the country, we assume, to the best of his ability at the time. His sacrifices did not appear to embitter him during the years after his release. With a father and grandfather who both made Admiral, John’s …

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Jul 03

Children Paying the Price

The D.C. Swamp is becoming a sewer because Trump is draining it from the top. Sadly, some of the victims are children who are being used by politicians, child sex traffickers and drug smugglers. It is incredible to me that any parent would turn their children over to criminal gangs to journey across one or …

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Jun 30

Power to the People!

The first step in the destruction of this old hippy cry from the 1960’s is government secrecy. When the FBI and DOJ are allowed to get by with CYA (“Cover Your A..”) secrets by falsely claiming national security, we are in deep trouble. When Deep State bureaucrats can even keep these secrets from Committees of …

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Jun 25


Trump Should… Explain in very blunt terms that people who have never lived in a police state run by a dictator have no idea how serious it is to have FBI and DOJ leaders running organized cover-up operations. The use of phony “national security” claims to redact or to withhold documents from Congressional oversight is …

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