Sep 18

Hard Questions For Dr. Ford

Dr. Ford, as Judge Kavanaugh’s accuser, must fully answer Judiciary Committee questions regarding all contact she, or anyone assisting her, had with political operatives regarding her accusations. If Dr. Ford has communicated with political professionals at any point during this process they must be identified and she must be subjected to rigorous questioning by the …

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Sep 15

Woodward a One Trick Pony

Bob Woodward is making a bundle of money playing the old “He said, she said” game selling another gossip book. After one history-making stent as a real reporter when he was very young, Woodward has “cashed in” on his reputation with a series of books that have virtually no verifiable reporting. In fact, the reaction …

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Sep 12

Americans Meet the Need!

Like many, I was disgusted by Sen. Cory Booker’s “Spartacus” deception during the hearings on Judge Kavanaugh last week. It was childish, incredibly amateurish and insulting to most thinking adults. Trump Should… Hang a nickname on Booker, New Jersey’s Junior Senator who has not yet been indicted “Crooked Cory”, in honor of his deceptions would …

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Sep 08

The NYT’s Ghostwriter Will Be Identified As…

A lawyer A government employee with taxpayer funded paycheck stubs A pawn for the modern Deep State An Obama appointee retained by Trump A cornerstone of the corruption in the Department of Justice About to become a target for underlings in search of plea deals (which is incredible irony worth a Shakespearian TV special) Having …

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Sep 07

NYT’s Ghost Writer Looks Like…

A “Never Trumper” who is Conservative in name only A Deep State swamp creature with government experience A person who has never served in military or law enforcement A lawyer rather than a business person A self-promoter who has one advocate with Trump ties Tomorrow, I will tell you who I believe wrote the piece …

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Sep 06

Did The New York Times Lie? (Again)

Ethics Observations by: Short answer-“Yes” Second question-“Does that surprise anyone?” Answer-“Not many” Detail-The Questions I submitted to the Times at their Editor’s invitation which will never grace their pages… Does anyone at The New York Times consider that the visible decay in journalism ethics is causing the rise in public distrust of the news …

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Sep 05

How Bad Is It and Will It Ever End?

Your editor’s professional political career began with a State GOP Committee in 1964. It has included consultant duties for two GOP Presidents. I have seen some stuff! I have never seen anything like the Kavanaugh hearings. Yesterday morning this editor wrote about the behavior of almost half of the Senate’s Judiciary Committee at the hearing …

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Sep 04

Dumb Dem Damage

Both political parties have some stupid elected officials but the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing this morning demonstrated a shocking universality to dumb, rude, and crude behavior by every Democrat Committee Member. They did it on National Television for everyone to see and hear. Senator Schumer (who orchestrated it and Pelosi who, no doubt, contributed content) probably …

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Sep 03

Mysteries of the Media

While having the increasingly monolithic media try to trick us with Fake News is frustrating, it is not the greatest danger they pose to our free society. Most of their Fake News stories are so phony, twisted and predictable; they are obvious to viewers, listeners and readers. The far greater threat from the Elite Media …

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Aug 28

Lawyer Lanny Davis Lied-CNN Denied

Trump Should… Note that while he is not a lawyer, he has hired and fired hundreds of lawyers in the course of his business and charity work. He has tried hard to screen out the liars and thieves but lawyers can be pretty slippery characters. Too often, deceit is a part of what they do. …

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