Apr 18

Lazy Reporters?

Critique by: Editor@NewsLede.net Why don’t news reports disclose the identity of the forces originally blocking UN inspectors’ access to the Syrian chemical weapons attack site? Three parties have an interest in “cleansing” the site of evidence and planting false leads to mislead fact finders. They are Iran, Russia and Monster Assad of Syria. Who’s military …

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Apr 15

Press vs.People

Comment by: Editor@NewsLede.net Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace was especially interesting on 4/15/2018 because it so clearly demonstrated the inherent tension between even ethical news media interrogators/commentators and the interests of the American people. Specifically, most of the “talking head” media continues to act as if they are more important than the news they …

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Apr 09

Damascus Doom

Advisory by: Editor@thePoliticalProphet.com Syria’s Assad is again using gas to kill babies as a strategy to terrorize civilian families. He is waging genocide trying to stay in power. Russia and Iran need him to remain in Damascus. The leaders of those two nations gave Assad permission to kill the innocent infants. The most effective, appropriate …

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Apr 08

Boiling the Swamp

Analysis by; Editor@thePoliticalProphet.com To sterilize harmful stuff we boil water. In Washington, boiling the swamp water will kill germs like McCabe, Comey, Strzok and the other corrupt leaders at the FBI. Holder, Lynch and the other pond scum that led our Department of Justice astray need boiling as well. “Boil” in this sense means to …

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Apr 07

Trump ‘N Trade Prediction

By: Editor@thePoliticalProphet.com We have not had a world leader in 50 years as effective as Pres. Trump is in the use of common sense to think, speak and act. As usual, the world’s Elites have outsmarted themselves with equity trade guesswork. They should have asked me because I know how this “Trade War” will end.  …

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Mar 22

Good Gun or Evil?


  Observation by: Editor@GunLede.com   Is the gun in this picture “Good” or “Evil”? It is a black, high capacity weapon not designed for hunting. It was built in West Germany. It has been modified with a very accurate custom fitted barrel and a special trigger. It will shoot 2” groups at ¼ the length …

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Mar 16

Fox News’ Democrat Beats CNN’s

Assessment by: Editor@NewsLede.net Marie Harf, former spokesperson for Obama’s State Department, has become a strong, almost daily presence on Fox News. She has also become the most effective media personality for the Democratic Party’s point of view. Today, she is notably superior to anyone else in that role at any network or cable outlet. She …

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Mar 15

Reporters are becoming Lazy Lapdogs

Observation by: Editor@NewsLede.net After eight years of Obama worship and even more years of Hillary hustle pandering for Democrats, most political reporters have become Lazy Lapdogs. They live off the scraps fed to them by their political masters. They simply cannot ask tough, meaningful questions to Democrats. Two very current examples are… Did any reporter …

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Mar 04

Chaos And Candor Are Shiny Objects In DC

Observation by: Editor@NewsLede.net Grade B puppet shows let the strings show. Trump is a grade A show. He pulls the strings and unaware of the manipulation, wooden media marionettes dance like they know the score. Trump’s candor is more than the press can handle. They prefer leaks and their own spin on stories to the …

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Feb 23

If Liars Cared About Our Kids

Observations By: Editor@GunLede.com News Flash-Washington is full of liars! The worst are the Super-Cynics who will continue to allow school kids to be killed while rejecting good gun laws and promoting bad gun laws. As we recommended right after the latest school slaughter, the best new federal gun laws will provide block grants to school …

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