Jul 18

Republican Rocket Science On Healthcare

Editor’s Note: For GOP Members of Congress… Step One-Recognize that your re-election is not life or death to anyone including you. Healthcare that works IS life and death to everyone. Step Two-Just this once, put the politics of self-interest aside and do what is right simply because it is right. You were elected to serve-not …

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Jul 10

Putin Blinked

ThePoliticalProphet.com Predicts: Immediate and long term history will show that Putin “Blinked” when confronted by Pres. Trump last week. He had a hard time making the adjustment from a shallow Obama to a very strong Trump and that is why the meeting went overtime. Trump, wisely gave Putin room to adjust to the new realities …

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Jul 09

Podesta Under Oath

7/7/2017 was the day Clinton’s campaign manager tweeted…”I had nothing to do with the DNC.” He dare not repeat that statement under oath. In fact, he and Hillary have told so many lies, anything under oath threatens them. High on the list are the lies they told about their direct control of the DNC to …

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Jun 25

Healthcare Politics-Less Is Best

Next week’s vote on Healthcare will be based on personal political considerations as individually perceived by 100 Senators. What if it were not so? Obamacare was a 100% political program that has put the health of millions at great risk. Obama’s cynical, political approach failed 100%. What if our Senators, GOP and DEMS alike, were …

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Jun 22

Defense Won’t Work for Trump

In politics, offense often works, defense often fails and the best defense is usually an offense. Pres. Trump’s “Counterpunch” skills won both the nomination and the election for him. He has not, however, been able to get Congressional Republicans to grasp the concept. More precisely, they have refused to protect themselves or America’s Presidency for …

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Jun 21

Huge to Zip

It went from “The most important Congressional election in the history of mankind” to “Yawn, who cares” in less than 24 hours! According to NBC, CBS, ABC, the New York Times, Washington Post and CNN yesterday, Georgia’s 6th District election was huge. Same race but not the outcome they wanted so today it doesn’t matter. …

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Jun 16

Purse Power

The “Mysteries” of political power often elude GOP officials. At Editor@TellTrump.com we explain them frequently. Two dozen GOP Congressmen were at baseball practice but not one had a gun. It was ridiculous and we said so in a previous column. Their explanation was “restrictive D.C. gun laws.” These are the same GOP Members who control …

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Jun 14

No Gun and Congressional Dumb

Per: GunLede.com and PoliticalProphetPredictions.com Not one Member of Congress at the shooting this morning was armed. Of the 22 Members, several are veterans of military service. All are Republicans. Like ducks in the dugout, they were unable to defend themselves. Mass slaughter was prevented by two heroic Capitol Hill L. E. Officers who stopped the …

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Jun 08

Comey’s Campaign

Comey’s Campaign Per: Editor@TellTrump.org Politicians, especially Senators in today’s hearing, and reporters who have any interest in truth will completely fail to understand the Comey testimony if they can’t grasp that he is campaigning for the Dem nomination for President in 2020. Comey can’t stand the thought of being forced out of the spotlight and …

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Jun 06

Elites Admit “Trump is Uncontrollable”

Per: Editor@TellTrump.org The European head of BNY Mellon Wealth Management is a big shot named Kwist. He claims his super-rich clients feel Pres. Trump is “Uncontrollable and anti-establishment”. When their Washington swamp is being drained, Elites get furious. Pres. Trump needs and deserves your help. We need to boycott Fake News and the advertisers that …

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