Aug 14

One Statesman Standing

Our Founding Fathers were, in the final analysis, Statesmen. Most were rough and tumble politicians as well but they would not consciously harm our fragile new nation for selfish political gain. Their “Red Line” was real and enforced to block political greed. Politics was a temporary public service and citizen’s duty when called upon to …

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Aug 13

Character Counts and Omarosa is a Zero

Betrayal is ugly stuff. When 30 pieces of silver are involved, ugly stinks. Omarosa is not the first person to “Sell herself trying to sell books” and she won’t be the last person to go from supporter to serpent. Trump Should… Say no more and cease selling books for her Let a spokesperson or two …

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Aug 08

Need To Know

Mueller has questions for Trump to see if he colluded with Russia to get elected. Clearly he has a “Need to know”. Americans, who understand and care, have questions for Mueller to see if he has conducted his investigation ethically, without bias or preconceived conclusions. We, the people “Need to know”. If the terms for …

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Jul 29

Russia and Political Analytics

Facts uncovered by honest investigations surface eventually. Once rid of political hacks that hide and lie, our intelligence services will find all of the truth about Russia’s goals and activities in our 2016 Presidential elections.  Logic based political analytics suggest that the final facts to be disclosed will be very clear. Political Prophet Predictions regarding …

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Jul 25

Does Either Equal Both?

In a recent report we acknowledged that no credible firm proof yet exists that Mueller is part of the Elite’s Deep State. In America, suspicion is not the same as proof. Because their roles are quite different, Rosenstein, who chose Muller in response to a scheme implemented by Comey, should not be shrouded in secrecy …

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Jul 23

The Fit Is About To Hit The Shan

It now appears definite; the entire “Russian Collusion” charge against Trump and his campaign was a set-up by political operatives of the Democrat Party. Specifically, the FISA warrants just released clearly show a fabricated political scheme by Deep State government employees to use the FBI, Department of Justice and secret Federal Court resources to influence …

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Jul 22

Michelle Obama’s Serious Secret

With “Has-been Hillary”, “Jackrabbit Joe Biden”, “Bloviating Bernie Sanders” and “Eric the fixer Holder” all vying for the Democrat’s 2020 nomination, the “Oldies but goodies” crowd is present but the biggest name from yesteryear is missing. Rasmussen’s 7/22/2018 poll shows 73% of likely Democratic voters want “A Fresh Face” as the 2020 nominee. Having never …

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Jul 19

Evil and Idiots

Trump Should: Arrange for someone with a strong Defense/Foreign policy credential and a reputation for straight talk (Like Defense Scty. Mattis but pick someone not in the administration now) to make the following statement… “Sadly we have some evil people in America who are willing to destroy America just in hopes of damaging President Trump. …

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Jul 18

Trump’s Obama Response

Trump Should: Have V.P. Mike Pence issue the following statement… As an American, I am saddened and disappointed that former President Obama chose to generate publicity for his paid speech abroad by attacking the integrity of President Trump. This “below the belt” personal attack was not a very fitting observation of a memorial for, in …

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Jul 16

Putin, Judo, Ankle Tape and Clinton Collusion

EDITOR’S NOTE: Despite the word “New” in the title, the column below was published on Nov. 5, 2017. We republish it today because it is relevant and enlightening for this morning’s joint appearance by Trump and Putin. In the context of Putin’s use of Judo, it is well worth noting that, during the news conference, …

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